Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Drawing and Painting Butterflies                                       

Course dates & Schedule:
April 27th – 29th

Class Outline:
A butterfly alone can create an exquisite painting, but when added to a botanical work it not only enhances the image, it can also inform the viewer of the role the butterfly plays in some of the intricate interdependencies of nature. 
The workshop will include a discussion on how to take good research photographs, and record study notes. Students will learn how to spread a butterfly, see demonstrations and practice painting techniques required to render the details of these delicate creatures.

Registration Contact Information:

Megan Compton, registrar: 804-262-9887 ext 320

Costal Maine Botanic Gardens

Drawing and Painting with Katie Lee: The Story of Transformation Accordion Book
Course dates & Schedule:
June 25 – 29th 10am – 4pm 

Class Outline:
Many insects, such as butterflies and dragonflies and animals such as frogs, go through amazing stages in their transformation from egg to adult. 
Learn to capture these unique stages in a variety of media such as pencil, pen, ink and watercolor in a folded accordion style book.

Registration Contact Information: Learning for Adults

New York Botanical Garden

Accordion Book

Course dates & Schedule:
September 24th – 26th 10am – 4.30pm 

Class Outline:
An accordion book is the perfect format for telling the life cycle of a species, whether plant or animal. From seed to seed for a plant, or from egg to maturity for a bird, the story is revealed with each fold. Learn how to create such a book--which papers to use, how to cut and fold, how to order the sequence. Images will be collected, drawn on tracing paper, and transferred to the folded paper.    

Registration Contact Information:
Registration office 718.817.8747

PRIVATE 4-5 day workshops in my studio: All dates booked for 2018

PRIVATE one-on-one classes in my studio are held mornings 10am 12pm $60.00 per hr.


This is a good way to work out a problem with a painting in progress or to have more individual attention to further develop skills.

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